Accentuate your natural curves. We offer a variety of innovative products that will improve your bustline, slenderize your waist and round out your bottom.

We offer a range of –


Whether you just want to cinch the waist, or permanently change your body’s shape, we have custom made, hand crafted corsets from the finest manufacturers around the world.


Quick and easy solutions for daily wear.  From fat thighs to bulging tummies, shape-wear lifts and smooths your problem areas to  give you that “lipo” look, instantly.

Butt Enhancements

Baby got back?  No worries, we can create that lusty big booty silhouette you dream of, without the expensive cost of painful surgery.

Boob Enhancements

No flat chests here.  Go from A to D cup in moments with padded bras and inserts.