Svelte Body HCG


2 Ounce (60mL) bottle of slimming drops with amino acids and glandular support.  Available in two formulas!!

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Our formulas are made with quality all natural ingredients and amino acids to help support the proper functioning of the body, while helping you to lose weight.

HCG ULTRA formulation is a recreation of the hormone in its simplest form so that your body will be able to use it in the same way. By giving your body the amino acid blend of the original hormone it will be able to create the HCG necessary for your body to improve its own metabolism and burn more body fat.

HCG PLUS formula includes HCG, Hypothalamus, Thyroid and Pituitary support Amino acids (l-ornithine, L-arginine, L-carnitine)



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HCG Plus, HCG Ultra (hormone free)


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